Im watching the hangover 2 and i cant stop laughing at alans toast when he tells everyone about stews marriage in vegas


zayn is no better, zayn participated in that snl skit, zayn has a yin yang tattoo, zayn has a tipi in his backyard, zayn didn’t say shit to louis in the video, zayn doesn’t say shit to his girlfriend about the things she does, zayn made a rape joke, zayn threw up the west side hand sign with the rest of them, zayn has mocked accents, zayn has been unintentionally racist as well this doesn’t mean he’s a shitty person or any of them are shitty people, they’re ignorant and they shouldn’t be allowed to stay that way, they shouldn’t be defended for it either, they should know better, we should all know better and strive to be better 

zayn has it worse than every other boy in the band yeah and he needs to be protected from the racism that runs amok in this fan base but he’s not an angel if you’re “staying in the fandom” bc of zayn just know that he’s done some shit too, they all have

everyone has done and said things that are racist and/or sexist and/or homophobic, whether they were doing it intentionally or on purpose, how they react when they are called out is what determines what kind of person they are, if the behavior stops or if an apology is made. 


Hey I'm back. How are you today? Are you okay? Did you look in the mirror yet and say you're cute, because you are. You're amazing, cute, beautiful and one of a kind. Never forget that. I hope you're happy today and you love yourself. Have a nice day! xx

who is this this si so sweet i wanna kiss ur face and im okay thanks for asking i love u


Shit Larry Shippers Do Online

literally crying. Laughing so hard.


Hi hello okay so I know a few people have been asking around for some type of “friend of follow” type shit because…Friend or Follow sometimes fucks up and here this little app/extension thing works!

Okay so I don’t know how this works for Safari or Firefox, but you can download the extension Tapermonkey on Chrome and then download the script Dash Plus - Follow Back Checker. At first I was a bit skeptical, but it works perfectly fine and when I check that someone isn’t following me on my list, I double check and it’s right at least 95% of the time. The only time it doesn’t work is when you follow a sideblog and Tapermonkey doesn’t exactly understand what a sideblog is lmao.

So yeah I know the image isn’t…clear but this has worked for me before so enjoy and if you have any questions, just let me know! 😘

louis: how i could just kill a man.mp3, 22/08/14